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"When the body becomes more aligned through Rolfing, the posture can become taller, straighter and free from chronic pain" - Dr. Ida P Rolf

Imagine living in a flexible and balanced body that is free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress. with your body at ease with itself .

This is what you can expect from Rolfing, the highly respected process of soft tissue manipulation that balances and realigns your body by releasing tension and strain. 

The Financial Times described Rolfing as a "quite simply brilliant therapy since it works at a very deep level and brings noticeable results." and by Vogue magazine as "one of those practices that your body instantly tells you makes a lot of sense" read the full article here.

The Irish Independent Lifestyle magazine recently had a inspiring piece on Rolfing and back pain featuring Tony. You can  read the full article here.

Benefits of Rolfing

•  relief from chronic pain and repetitive strain injuries
•  achieve great posture with less effort
•  look and feel better in your body with more presence, increased energy, flexibility and                balance
•  improved physical performance and reduce risk of injury in athletics, sport, martial arts,         yoga, dance etc.
•  address certain structural issues that cause stress in your body such as scoliosis, knocked         knees and rounded shoulders

                Rolfing will fix your posture and then fix your pain

How Does Rolfing Work?

Rolfing works systematically on the body’s whole network of connective tissue to reshape the tissues that give the body its shape and determine the limits of its movement. It is a two way process: the Rolfer uses physical pressure to loosen the restrictions in the connective tissue. The client works with the Rolfer, using breath and movement as tools to facilitate change.

Each session builds on the one before. The structural changes of early sessions form the basis of the integrative work of the later sessions.

What does a session of Rolfing feel like?

Warmth, pressure, a lengthening or stretching of tissue... the work evokes a wide spectrum of sensations. Some parts of the Rolfing process may feel intense, the feeling of tensions being released from the body. The client is in charge of how intense the session becomes. A session is a gift to yourself, something to look forward to.

Rolfing is for everyone, for people of all ages and all walks of life — especially those seeking to live a healthy lifestyle.